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How to Clean Stained Concrete

Compared with other types of flooring, especially carpet, stained concrete floors are a breeze to clean. They have no fibers, grout lines, or crevices to trap dirt, and when protected with a sealer, they resist stains and abrasion. However, concrete floors aren't completely maintenance free, and you'll need to clean the surface regularly to keep it looking its best. For exterior stained concrete, you may also need to reseal the surface every year or so to protect the stain from wear and to keep the color vibrant (see How to Protect Stained Concrete).

How often you will need to clean and reseal depends on how much wear and tear your stained concrete is exposed to. For example, a floor in a residential setting (such as a living room) is likely to take less abuse than one in a busy retail store. Here are some other general guidelines:

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