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Troubleshooting Common Acid Staining Problems

Because of the variable nature of stains and the condition of the concrete you are applying them to, things can go wrong even if you follow all the proper procedures. You can get answers to common problems associated with acid staining from decorative concrete expert Chris Sullivan of

Read about Sullivan's acid stain solutions to the following most common issues you are likely to encounter.

Dealing with faded color

  • Dealing with faded color
  • Touching up problem spots
  • What are the basic steps and how can I avoid problems?
  • Quick fix for blemished acid-stained floors
  • How to remove footprints
  • Why does stain wash away?
  • Blending acid stain colors
  • Avoiding acid burn
  • Is it OK to use an acid wash before staining?
  • Color differences when staining patches in a concrete floor