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Personalizing Stained Concrete

More people are beginning to discover that decorative concrete is anything but cookie-cutter. It's the perfect material for anyone who wants to express their personal tastes, whether through color, pattern, shape or special inlays. That's especially true when it comes to stained concrete, which offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Take a look at this slideshow of some of the creative experiments that have resulted in beautifully colored concrete surfaces.


Water-based concrete stains add vibrant color to this bowling alley and family entertainment center. Read about how this floor was done.

Photo: Impressions Decorative Concrete


A 3/8-inch polymer modified overlay was installed over a wood subfloor and then was stained to resemble the look of marble. Read about this project.

Photo: General Concrete Finishers


Using PermaCrete to cover the entire floor, this master bedroom incorporated a Modello “rug” stencil in front of the fireplace providing an eye-catching and complementary treatment to the large-scale room. Read about this project.

Photo: Art Over Concrete


Stained concrete on the ceiling? Any concrete surface is a prime candidate for a concrete stain. Read about this project that personalized these condo units.

Photo: Concrete Concepts, VA


The entryway to this home was spiced up by using concrete stains, dyes, stencils and engraving. View photos of the entire home.

Photo: Image-N-Concrete-Designs


This floor was stained to resemble the color of the ocean. View more photos.

Photo: Concrete FX


This stained floor graphic provides a dramatic jungle-modern theme. Read about this project.

Photo: Architectural Stains


In this beach-themed boutique store, aqua-blue concrete stain was used to personalize and capture the mood of this contemporary women's clothing store. Read about this project.

Photo: Progressive Concrete Coatings


A true testament to the variety of design that acid stains can achieve. This office floor was acid stained with an integrally colored micro topping. Diamond patterns were cut throughout the building, with each side 55 inches, each diamond a different color, and each color a different dilution of that color. Read more about this project.

Photo: Demmert & Associates


The interior floors of Latitude 43 Restaurant and Bar were stained to create a variegated patina making the restaurant warm and inviting. Read about this project.

Photo: Concrete Effects, ME

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